Easily and instantly inform specific (full control) recipients

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  • Fully customized plarform for every business.
  • Simple and easy to use application for mobile devices.
  • Small application size and minimum requirements from the mobile device.
  • Low power battery consumption.
  • No continuous use of the application is required. Install & Forget.
  • Full user anonymity & privacy protection regarding Club4U and mobile application.
  • Registration & login through the application
  • Interactivity from the user of the mobile application (RSVP)
  • Adding an event to mobile's calendar is 1 click procedure
  • Personal QR Code for loyalty services
  • Cost free for recipients of messages.


  • The company
       - Through the B2B (web URL) page, it creates content rich messages that can contain text, photos, videos, etc.
       - Can choose whether the message will go to all, specific, or group of recipients (personalized messages).
       - Sends the message instantly to everyone with 1 click.
       - Can ask for recipients interactivity regarding various events (RSVP)
  • Mobile application user
       - Is informed with push notifications in his/her mobile device.
       - Must login in order to use the application
       - Receives personalised messages
       - Can choose receiving or not notifications.
       - Can read the messase upon arrival or whenever he/she likes.
       - Using the personal QR Code benefits of loyalty services
  • Messages are content rich and they can contain photos, video, attached pdfs, etc.
  • Message content are not stored to mobile device, therefore they don't reduce any storage size. Only attached pdfs do so and can be deleted via app's settings.

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